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Really want to heat up your event? Why not add some fire!? Brittney Iso, specializes in creating unforgettable moments with the breathtaking art of fire manipulation. With a passion for spectacle and a dedication to safety, Brittney brings a unique and thrilling experience to every event.

Performance Styles

My performances include a variety of styles, blending choreography and improvisation to create a dynamic and captivating show. From elegant fire dances to heart-pounding fire-eating displays, each performance is tailored to the audience and the occasion.

Brittney's fire skills include:

  • Hula hoop

  • On aerial hoop

  • Fans

  • Orbital

  • Fire Eating

  • Can

  • Mask

  • On roller skates

  • Mini staves

  • Fleshing

  • Acro



-Fire acts require 10 x 10 designated area. *A rope light barrier can be rented from Brittney at an additional cost.

-Fire acts can be done on varying surfaces but to get ground work and full extent of Brittney's skills a clear, smooth floor is suggested. NOTE: any plastic/fabric ground coverings (ex. astroturf) can melt or catch and are not ideal for fire performance.

- Fire acts are usually outdoors but can be done inside under the right circumstances and permission from space

-Note that some spaces and venues have restrictions or require permitting for fire which the client is responsible for securing. But happy to help assist in the process!


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