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Welcome to a world where entertainment reaches new heights – literally! Brittney Iso's stilt walking skills are a fusion of dance, skill, and showmanship, designed to elevate your event to extraordinary levels. With each graceful stride, Brittney commands attention, bringing a sense of wonder and excitement to any occasion.

Style and Technique:
As an already tall person Brittney has a leg up in reaching up to 9' on her stilts, capturing the attention of guests all over your venue. Brittney Iso is known for her love of dancing on stilts, encouraging guests to let loose and enjoy themselves. Taking it one step further, Brittney has experience in quad stilts and LED robot suits.

Aesthetics and Atmosphere:
Dressed in stunning, thematic costumes that capture the essence of your event, Brittney Iso transforms into towering, ethereal being, adding a touch of grandeur to your event. Whether it's a festival, corporate gathering, or a private celebration, Brittney's stilt walking acts are versatile and customizable to suit your unique vision.


Guest Interaction:

Experience the magic of connection as I interact with the audience, inviting them to take photos and experience their highest high-five ever. Whether it's through interactive segments or infectious enthusiasm, every show is designed to forge a memorable bond between performer and spectator.

Stilt Walking Specialties and Accessories:
Dancing with Hula hoops
Twirling an Umbrella
Various Colored Wings with a 6' Wingspan
LED Props and Costumes




-Stilt walkers can not go up or down stairs

-Require an elevated area to get on to stilts. Can provide a ladder if there is a safe place to keep it while performing

-Can be in or outdoors but requires 9ft ceiling clearance.

-Floors must be level and dry for safe stilt walking

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