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Parallel Lines


The Hula Hoop was Brittney's gateway into performing in 2013. Since then, she has learned to spin them on fire, LED, during burlesque act and on stilts! These acts can be done as stage shows, ambient, or roving entertainment

    Stage Shows: Choreographed 3-5min acts meant to be center of attention.  
    Roving: Lower-key hooping while moving through and interacting with crowds.
    Ambient Performance: Stationary entertainment as people pass by or through spaces.

Prices start at $85 plus travel. Contact for more information!


-Hoops can be performed in or outdoor

-Fire acts require 10 x 10 designated area.

-Stage acts can be done on varying surfaces but to get the ground work and full extent of Brittney's hoop acts 10ft ceilings and clear, smooth floor is suggested.


Contact For More Information

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