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 Artistry of Movement
Brittney's dance and yoga background lend to her long lines and stage filling movements.

Artistry of Joy
Brittney's smile and expressive nature pull the joy out of her audience! She loves to dance and play with guests, bringing extra props or teaching lessons wherever she can.

Artistry of the Brush
As a visual artist Brittney utilizes a lot of bright colors with bold human and animal center pieces.

*Visit the tabs at the top of the website for more information about specific skills & offerings*

Woman in all white with gold isis wings dances on stilts with young kids at a street fair
Long haired female does splits on aerial lyra hoop
Red haired woman backbends with LED light up hula hoop in white long dress making psychedelic pattern
Woman stilt walking in circus stripes and red pants with two young girls in butterfly wings

 "Leave everything you touch a little more beautiful than you found it"


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