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Let Brittney Iso bring out the creativity in your next event!


As a seasoned performing artist, Brittney brings a captivating blend of playful and graceful to her acts that leaves audiences with amazement on their faces and joy in their hearts. Whether it's a corporate gathering, wedding, or special celebration, Brittney Iso can tailor a performance to, quite literally, elevate your event to new heights.

What Sets Brittney Iso Apart?

  •  Diverse Talents: From mesmerizing fire shows to soul-stirring aerial arts, Brittney is a versatile performer who can tailor their performances and costuming to suit any occasion. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand event, expect a performance that exceeds expectations.

  • Personal Connection: Brittney believes in creating a personal connection with the audience. Each performance is not just a display of skill but an invitation to share in the emotions, stories, and energy that define the art.

  • Professional and Easy to Work With: Hiring talent doesn't have to be a chore. Brittney's over a decade worth of experience lends to her ability to make sure all avenues of performance, from costuming to load in to showtime, is covered.

Explore the Range of Brittney's Performances:

  •  Breathtaking Aerial Performances 

  •  Captivating Hula Hoop Dancing

  •  Spellbinding Fire Dancing

  • Sky High Stilt Walking

  • Mesmerizing LED Shows

  • Adorable Face Paintings


Ready to add a touch of magic to your event?

Contact Brittney Iso to discuss how their artistry can elevate your occasion.

   Please visit the tabs at the top of the website for more information about specific skills & offerings

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